A fourth-generation Encinitas resident, Catherine Blakespear is serving her third term as mayor of the city where her great-grandparents put down roots nearly 100 years ago. As the Mayor of the City of Encinitas, Catherine has bridged divides to make her community a better place to live, work, and raise a family. As  state senator, she’ll put her can-do leadership to work for people across the 38th Senate District.  

When the pandemic hit, Catherine took quick action to protect the public’s health and help struggling families keep their homes. Catherine brought Encinitas together to provide direct financial assistance to local businesses to help them weather the storm and worked quickly with local leaders to set guidelines for businesses to expand into outdoor spaces where restaurants and shops could safely re-open outside. 

With a record of effective, innovative leadership, Catherine was unanimously chosen by her elected peers of both parties to chair the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the region’s important transportation agency. 

As a mayor with a history of building broad coalitions to solve local problems and to win elections, Catherine is running for State Senate to help California recover from the pandemic and rebuild our economy in an equitable way that helps families all across the 38th District. While others wage political warfare, Catherine puts her head down and gets to work. She will tackle our community’s most pressing problems, including the need for affordable and accessible healthcare and housing, a commitment to reduce pollution and cool our climate, and a dedication to build an economy that provides good, well-paying jobs.  

A former journalist and lawyer, Catherine lives in Encinitas with her husband Jeremy, a physician assistant; their two children; her mother; two kittens named Jinx and Ginny; and seven egg-laying chickens. Catherine and her family enjoy California’s ideal weather and vast outdoors by going to the beach, backpacking, mountain biking, and visiting California’s National Parks.

Honors and Recognition

  • Named the 2021 Partner of the Year by the non-profit transit agency Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT), in gratitude for her role as Chair of SANDAG. “Mayor Blakespear has truly been a partner in every sense, consistently supporting our mission of improving access to transportation for the people who need it most.”
  • Given the 2020 Climate Courage Award from the Climate Action Campaign. “Mayor Blakespear has demonstrated her commitment to bold climate action by tackling some of our region’s largest sources of emissions: transportation, energy, and housing.”
  • Awarded the 2020 Chair’s Award at the 40th annual Roosevelt Honors by the San Diego County Democratic Party for “bravery in doing the right thing on homelessness, housing, and transit, even when it’s unpopular.”
  • Designated by the San Diego Housing Federation for their 2020 Ruby Award for Outstanding Government Agency or Elected Official. “Her newsletters and thoughtful, nuanced approach to explaining the importance of housing… to residents should be a model for leaders across the region.”
  • Received the 2019 Walk the Walk Momentum Award from Circulate San Diego for being “a leader in creating protected safe bicycle facilities in her city, and for pushing to bring Encinitas into compliance with state housing laws.”
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