We did it!

November 17, 2022

Last night, my opponent conceded the election, and I’m so glad that the victory we’ve all been working so hard for is finally here!

I am tremendously grateful to be elected as your next state senator. I feel a profound and inspiring responsibility as I embark on this new journey.

The latest numbers

Since the last time I updated you, the registrars in Orange and San Diego counties counted 31,900 votes, 16,765 (53%) for me and 15,135 (47%) for my opponent. We’re now leading by 15,684 votes, and with an estimated 9,000 votes left to count, it’s mathematically impossible for our lead to go below zero.

In deep appreciation

My biggest thanks go to you, my dedicated supporters, who helped fuel our outstanding campaign by knocking on every door, making hundreds of thousands of phone calls, staffing every rally, and distributing thousands of yard signs.

I am overwhelmed and humbled by the time, talent and financial contributions that so many of you have so generously donated to our cause. This was one of the costliest legislative races in our state’s history. We were outspent, but there’s no price tag for passion, hard work, and sincerely believing that the future we envision is worth fighting for.

From Pacific Beach to Mission Viejo, the people of our district chose to defend a woman’s right to choose, protect our environment, support small business owners and the working class, strengthen our gun laws, and ensure a clean, reliable water supply.

You chose a message of hope – a message that we can accomplish anything and make life better if we come together and try.

To every citizen of the 38th District, whether you supported my opponent or me, I want you to know that my door will always be open. I welcome your views, your ideas, and your solutions. In the words of President Kennedy, “Let us not seek the Democratic answer or the Republican answer, but the right answer.” That’s what this moment calls for.
To that end, I would like to offer my recognition to Matt Gunderson, his family, and his team on running a hard-fought campaign. It’s a gigantic leap of faith to run for office, and the hard reality is that there can be only one winner. I thank him for the sacrifices made and the worthy issues he raised in this race. I wish him success and send my best regards to his family for the future. 
California has no shortage of challenges, and now we must address them head-on. They include the homelessness epidemic, wildfires that destroy our precious homes and forests, a never-ending drought, the soaring cost of housing, high gas prices and inflation, aging infrastructure, and several other existential issues. 
Now it’s time to get to work. You are sending me to the Senate to address these very real problems – and I am here to take action. We have a mandate to pass common-sense legislation that will make a difference in people’s everyday lives. We may not do it all in one year, or even in one term, but we will get it done!

Earlier this week, I was invited to Sacramento by the senate for three days of orientation and training sessions.

I’ll admit my heart skipped a beat just walking into the senate chambers – so much history and tradition! Only about 1,200 people have ever served in our state senate, with the decor and awe-inspiring portrait of George Washington dating to the 1860s towering over the chamber. 

The six other senators-elect pictured above are all fabulous and I know we’ll be a tight class! I’m excited to meet the others who will join us, too.

The training sessions included “Introducing a Bill on the First Day” and admonitions on decorum on the floor, such as “It is not the tradition of the senate to engage in excessive or divisive speeches.” 

There’s so much to do and I can’t wait to do it! Thank you all for having the faith to send me here to work on your behalf. I hope to make you proud.

With boundless gratitude,

Sorry, you are not in the 38th Senate District.
You are in the 38th Senate district!