During these uncertain times, Encinitas deserves a reliable, thoughtful, and proven steward. Since you elected me as your mayor in 2016, we’ve successfully worked together to protect what is special about Encinitas, while also tackling the challenges that confront us.

The City of Encinitas is financially stable, one of the safest places to live in the county and deeply committed to environmental stewardship. In the four years that I’ve been your mayor, we’ve made substantial investments in our community’s public spaces, including the creation of a Coastal Rail Trail, a quiet railroad crossing, more sand and dunes on the beaches, and road connectivity improvements throughout the city. 

I have the unanimous support of my Encinitas City Council colleagues, and have been recognized by elected officials throughout the county as a regional leader.

With a multi-generation family whose roots in Encinitas go back nearly a century, I deeply understand the heartbeat of our community. My professional background as a practice attorney helped guide the city in ending years of expensive, housing-related litigation, and finally complying with state laws.

Working together with you, we will continue to guide the city in managing growth, supporting our local businesses, helping those in need, and improving the coastal environment that is the foundation for our high quality of life.  

I hope you’ll join me in continuing our work to preserve our paradise by voting to re-elect me in November. Your contributionvolunteer help, and displaying a free yard sign would also be much appreciated! 


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