New map, new opportunities

December 22, 2021

I’m happy to announce that the lines for the new State Senate districts are now drawn.  Our new district, State Senate District 38, stretches from Pacific Beach all the way up to Mission Viejo in South Orange County.

This new map brings some exciting opportunities.

The new Senate District 38 is a major target for the Senate Democrats – and it’s an historic opportunity, too. 

Believe it or not, I would be the first Democratic Senator to represent South Orange County since 1936 and North San Diego since 1958. The last time both regions elected Democrats to the State Senate was 1882 – 140 years ago.

Please help us win this historic race, by contributing today.

This new map also brings some challenges. 

Our district welcomes new communities in Orange and San Diego County – but it may also encourage new opponents to enter this race. 

Now that the new district lines are drawn, I only have until December 31 to raise the funds I need to prove our campaign is strong enough to overcome new challengers.  

Every dollar helps. $5, $10, $50 – whatever you can give, I am asking you to click this link, and give now.

I am so grateful for your support,

Here’s our new Senate District 38!

I know Californians – especially in North San Diego and South Orange County – are eager to hear real solutions to lingering challenges like our homelessness crisis, climate change, and our crumbling infrastructure. In Sacramento, I’ll work overtime to cross the aisle to balance budgets and get real results for our communities. 

That’s what I’ve done as Mayor, and it’s what I’ll do as Senator for the families in 38th District.
The just-passed Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Act will bring much-needed funding to District 38 cities. That’s why I joined Representative Mike Levin to highlight Leucadia Streetscape as an example of the type of project this law will fund.
I was honored to receive FACT’s “Partner of the Year” Award at a ceremony last week. The organization — Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT) — does such important work helping those facing medical, financial and physical hardships get the transportation trips they need to live a full life. Thank you Executive Director Arum Prem and the whole board for your mission-driven work!
Sorry, you are not in the 38th Senate District.
You are in the 38th Senate district!