After years in local office, Blakespear outlines goals for Sacramento

“Right now, we zone for middle-income, low-income and extremely low-income, but we don’t have a zoning category for homeless, Blakespear said. “My first bill on the first day is going to be related to that, the requirements and goal setting for the zoning of homeless housing — you can offer an incentive so that, yes, there’s the carrot, and also, this is a mandate.”

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Encinitas bids adieu to Catherine Blakespear as she heads to state legislature

At the end of the event, Encinitas arts commissioners, bicycle and pedestrian project supporters, environmental advocates and housing program backers all sang her praises, listing among her accomplishments the Leucadia Streetscape project that’s overhauling Coast Highway 101, the Coastal Trail projects in Cardiff, the planned renovation of the future Pacific View arts center downtown and the creation of the Safe Parking Lot program for homeless people who are temporarily living in their cars.

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Why we endorse Catherine Blakespear over Matt Gunderson in California Senate District 38

“As a three-term mayor, Blakespear has far more experience and a better grip on how government functions. In Q&As and interviews, the lawyer and former journalist offers informed views on how to improve environmental and gun-safety policies. She also played a key role in helping both Encinitas residents and businesses get through the worst of the pandemic with relatively fewer problems.

[Gunderson] says he is pro-choice, but he opposes Proposition 1, which would establish constitutional rights for access to abortions and contraceptives, and claims it goes too far even though it only codifies existing state law. In short, it’s hard to tell what you get with him, and easier to give her the benefit of the doubt. The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board endorses Catherine Blakespear for state Senate District 38.”

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Encinitas council backs mayor’s resolution to support state abortion rights ballot measure

Encinitas City Council members unanimously agreed to back Mayor Catherine Blakespear’s request Wednesday to support Proposition 1, a ballot measure that would amend the state constitution to guarantee a woman’s right to an abortion and contraceptives.

Councilmember Joe Mosca said he was proud the council was taking a stand on the issue, saying he thinks they are “on the right side of history.” Council members need to take a position given the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, he said. For years, many people said Roe v. Wade would never be overturned and that gave people a false sense of security, he added.

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Encinitas mayor highlights city’s ‘bold action’ on transportation in her final State of City address

The mayor declared that she was particularly proud of the “transformative power” of the Leucadia Streetscape project along Coast Highway, combined with the El Portal pedestrian tunnel.

“We have reconnected a community that was disconnected by a railroad track,” she said to huge applause. “And we have re-created a positive public space for gathering and for traveling, where an overlooked and increasing run-down highway used to be.”

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Duncan, Planned Parenthood hold reproductive rights rally

“We have people who are saying . . . ‘We want to take away from women that fundamental ability to be in charge of their own destiny, to be equal with men, to be able to have autonomy,’ ” Blakespear said.

Blakespear said it was necessary for all people who have had abortions to talk about their stories in the process of normalizing abortion as health care.

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2022 election: Q&A with Catherine Blakespear, California State Senate District 38 candidate

“The most important issue that this questionnaire does not raise is each candidate’s position on a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. There is no more central decision to somebody’s life than the decision of when, whether and with whom to have children. I will always stand in support of a woman’s right to a safe, legal abortion. I have a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood, and I am proud to be endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice California for my campaign. As more states enact laws that compel women to give birth regardless of the consequence to them personally or the circumstance that led to the pregnancy, the more important it is for California to stand with women and their right to make this most fundamental decision about the course of their life. As the only woman in this race, I will continue to use my voice in Sacramento to shine a bright light on the reproductive rights of every woman in California.”

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Two Democrats, one Republican face off in 38th Senate District primary race

Blakespear, who announced she was entering the race before the new district lines were created, noted in an interview that she’s the only candidate who lives in San Diego County and said that’s important because three out of four of the district’s voters live in San Diego County. The 46-year-old, fourth-generation Encinitas resident emphasizes her political experience (she is in her third term as Encinitas mayor and previously was a City Council member), as well as her work on regional government boards, and the many endorsements she’s received from fellow Democrats.

And, she said, “The other thing to note is I’m the only woman in the race” and this is an election year when women’s issues, particularly the right to a safe, professionally performed abortion, are of concern to the nation’s voters.

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Encinitas to continue allowing ‘street dining’ areas until at least 2024

Councilmember Joe Mosca said he would endorse both continuing this temporary measure and creating a “more permanent policy in the future,” while Councilmember Joy Lyndes said she definitely hoped new applicants would be allowed to benefit from decisions to continue the temporary regulatory changes.

“It’s great that we all agree with each other,” Mayor Catherine Blakespear declared.

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Encinitas residents enrolled in 100% renewable energy plan

“I’m very proud of our city for this,” said Mayor Catherine Blakespear. “It’s one of the most impactful decisions that we’ve made, to set 100% renewable as our default standard…it gets us aligned with our environmental goals and that just really matters in how environmentally-oriented we are in reducing emissions and fighting climate change.”

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Catherine Blakespear Outraises Both Opponents Combined for State Senate Bid in First Reporting Period of 2022

Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate in the race for Senate District 38, and two competitors reported their financial contributions for the period covering the beginning of the year through April 23. Blakespear led the pack, bringing in $203,233, while lone Republican and car dealer Matt Gunderson brought in $170,497.

Democrat Joe Kerr, who trails the field in available polling, took in $32,650 since jumping into the race in January. While Kerr reported $116,650 in total receipts, $84,000 of it was money raised in 2021 for a failed Orange County Supervisorial campaign, which he transferred to his Senate campaign account.

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The scoop on the District 38 State Senate race

“Catherine Blakespear, the mayor of Encinitas, got into the race early and established herself as the Democratic Party’s favorite. A former Los Angeles Times journalist turned lawyer, Blakespear has been in Encinitas local government for eight years where she prioritized boosting housing production and reducing the coastal city’s carbon footprint.”

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Regional leaders lobbying in Washington for central transit hub, new border crossing, other infrastructure

“Some members of the group met Monday morning with U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to discuss those projects and how they could help bolster San Diego’s economy.

Officials on the trip include Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear, airport Chief Executive Kim Becker, Imperial Beach Councilmember Paloma Aguirre and Tijuana Councilmember Juan Carlos Hank.

Blakespear, who is serving as chair of the San Diego Association of Governments, said another key project that needs federal aid is a plan to underground train tracks in Del Mar that have become vulnerable to disintegrating bluffs.”

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Blakespear touts city’s progressive initiatives during State of the City

“Resilience is a word that best describes who we have shown ourselves to be this past year,” Blakespear said. “While none of us would have predicted the upheaval to our daily lives or the tragedies of COVID-19, it does serve as a striking reminder of the importance of our health and safety, and our responsibility to each other. What we do, how we act, what we say and how we treat one another, matters more than ever.”

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Opinion: San Diego County needs more safe biking infrastructure

“We always seek to understand your perspective and to provide updates on where we are and where we are going. Whether you are a person who bikes, walks or drives to where you’re going, you can communicate with us via email at [email protected], or by phone, toll-free, at (833) 899-BIKE (2453). Thank you for being vocal, passionate, and caring members of our community. The only way to build a safe transportation network — for all modes of travel — is together.”

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Encinitas Mayor Blakespear announces run for state Senate

“We know that California right now is really in need of an equitable economic recovery from the pandemic,” she said. “We need bold leadership in tackling the ever growing threat of climate change. That requires action from all levels of government at all times. It’s really important that California continue to be a leader.”

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North County Report: Blakespear Lays Out SANDAG Goals

“We need to have better transit in our county. So right now it is clear that for many people transit is not competitive with the car. And that is something that I hope we can change. And I recognize that it changes over time and it starts with things like transit going where you want to go, and it’s going with enough frequency that it’s a choice you’ll make.”

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Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear named new SANDAG chair

“Never been afraid to tackle the tough issues when it came to housing and supporting new initiatives,” said San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. “Her bipartisan approach is always appreciated, and I think that is how our region succeeds. I think we will be in good hands in the coming year under Catherine’s leadership.”

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Encinitas Approves ‘Safe Parking Lot’ For Homeless

“It’s way more than parking. It’s truly wrap-around services with one goal to get individuals and families in the parking lot back into housing so it could be everything from employment to working with them in housing navigation, food, a variety of services, mental health services,” said Michael Hopkins, CEO of Jewish Family Services.

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