An exciting future, and a poignant farewell

November 20, 2022

This is a truly marvelous time – unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

Things are moving at warp speed now that I’m officially your senator-elect for the 38th District. I feel a mixture of awe, gratitude, excitement, and the sense that there’s much to learn about how to succeed in this noble position.

But above all is my determination to improve the lives of every Californian!

A shot taken during my New Member Orientation at the capitol last week. The sessions were fascinating and informative from beginning to end. It’s hard to describe the intense impression of history and great responsibility that came over me when I entered the senate chambers for the first time.

I’ll be sworn in on Dec. 5th at the state capitol. Unfortunately, there are very limited tickets for this event allotted to members – sadly, I’m unable to provide tickets for my friends and supporters.

In the new year, I do plan to have a “District Swearing-In” back home in our 38th District once I’ve hired staff and I can introduce you to the people who will be working in my office on your behalf. Stay tuned for an invitation to that event!

So, we’re hiring!
Speaking of staff, we’re excited to be assembling an amazing team of dedicated, motivated and talented achievers to join us on this grand adventure!

There are several job openings, and you can find them here. Some are in Sacramento, others here in District 38. Just search for my name under Capitol Office Openings (if you want to work in Sacramento) and/or District Office Openings (if you want to work in my San Diego or Orange County offices), and you’ll see the available positions, along with much more info.

I’ll be hiring a staff of about 15 people, with about five of them based in Sacramento and 10 of them split between two offices in the our district.

In Sacramento, we’re looking for staff who have existing relationships and experience in our state government, and those with an interest in policy, and researching and writing legislation.

Locally, our district representatives will help constituents with any problems they are having with state agencies, and they’ll build relationships with community groups and cities in the district to help me advocate for community priorities. They’ll also represent my office at important events and recognitions.  
A senator’s commitment

Starting the first week of January, I’ll be spending most of every week in Sacramento, flying up early Monday morning on the 1-hour 10-minute flight, and back home again Thursday evening. This schedule runs about two-thirds of the year, as the legislature meets about 210 days each year.

I’m so appreciative and thankful that my entire family is supportive and mission-aligned about the importance of my legislative work to better our society.

My husband, kids and I savor our family time together at the San Elijo Lagoon.

My husband, our teenagers, and our close-knit family that includes my mom, dad, aunt and uncle, all live in Encinitas – and they’re selflessly committed to keeping things moving as smoothly as possible while I’m working in Sacramento. 

I’m acutely aware that many people sacrifice tremendously for our country, to put food on the table for their families, and to better their own circumstances. Our family’s sacrifice – my four days a week away from home – pales in comparison to what many others endure. 

Meanwhile, back in Encinitas …

I’d like to sincerely congratulate the winners of our Encinitas races:

  • Mayor-Elect Tony Kranz;
  • District 3 Councilmember Joy Lyndes (which includes Cardiff and Old/New Encinitas); and 
  • District 4 Councilmember-Elect Bruce Ehlers (which includes Olivenhain and Old/New Encinitas).

It takes tremendous willpower, energy and strength to run for office, and this was an especially tumultuous election. Respect to all those who ran, whether they won or lost! There is value in running and it’s worth recognizing the contributions of all the candidates, regardless of the outcome. This is what democracy looks like.

Being Mayor of the City of Encinitas has been the honor of my lifetime. It’s the place where my great grandparents put down roots 100 years ago, and the legacy of continuing my family’s service to this city has been deeply humbling.

My last Encinitas City Council meeting will be on Tuesday evening, November 29th. I hope you can join us to recognize the accomplishments of our city over these last eight lively and productive years!

Finally, I must tell you this once again – it’s a truly exciting time and I’m so honored by the faith you’ve placed in me! I will work hard each day to earn your continued confidence.

With gratitude,

P.S. If you don’t hear from me again before Thursday, I want to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving Day! We have so much to be thankful for in this magnificent country at this crucial time in our history, with a functioning democracy that respects the will of the voters still intact.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with those you love!

Sorry, you are not in the 38th Senate District.
You are in the 38th Senate district!