8/19/18: Marijuana Vote Set, plus a Fantastic, Fun Week in Encinitas

August 19, 2018

When we select our next president, we’ll also be deciding the future of legal marijuana sales in Encinitas.
Initiative backers have gathered the required number of signatures, so in 2020 you’ll be able to vote on whether you want up to four marijuana-selling stores to set up shop here, as well as allowing marijuana growing and manufacturing of edible products within our city limits.
In addition to the unanimous decision of the City Council to let you weigh in on the question, as opposed to the council adopting it outright, I suggested a companion measure that would ask voters if they want to impose a tax on marijuana sales as allowed under state law in the event the initiative passes.
Until that 2020 election, I support residents being allowed to receive marijuana deliveries within the city from dispensaries that are licensed and operating legally elsewhere in the county – something we currently prohibit. Residents can already have groceries, wine, beer and medicines delivered to them at home. I see no reason why legal marijuana deliveries should be against the rules.
Many Encinitans have emphatically told us that medical marijuana, legal in California for 22 years, has been essential in allowing them to live happier, pain-free lives. I believe we have an obligation to remove the obstacles to legal deliveries for them.
Several of my colleagues appeared to express their belief that deliveries are likely to be allowed by state law changes before the end of the year. If for some reason those state-level changes don’t happen, we’ll revisit the delivery issue.
We asked city staff to create a timeline for the land-use analysis and ballot measure for taxation and expected costs, and we’ll review it at a future meeting.
Articles in the Coast News and Encinitas Advocate provide more details.
Do you know the way to Moonlight Beach?

I’m really excited about new color-coded “wayfinding signs” presented to us by the Encinitas 101 Main Street Association at our last meeting. Their look and feel is a perfect fit for Encinitas and the information will direct pedestrians and drivers to parking spots, key locations like the library and train station, and provide a large comprehensive map. More information is in this Coast News article, and you can enjoy the entire design scheme here.
There’s a new sheriff in town

A big welcome to our new Sheriff’s Captain. I have yet to meet Herb Taft (top photo), but we look forward to his leadership. We’re sad to say goodbye to the superlative and recently promoted Captain John Maryon (bottom photo), and we wish him well in his next pursuits. Read all about it in the Encinitas Advocate.
Canine carousing in Cardiff

Wonderful fun for furry friends and their parents at the annual Dog Days of Summer event at the Encinitas Community Park, put on by Cardiff 101 Main Street Association. As seen in the top photo, it was an honor to officiate at the climactic Best Dressed Dog contest with Dog Days founder and former Encinitas Mayor and City Councilmember Teresa Barth! (Photo by Morgan Mallory)
To my left in the lower photo is Jeannie Patten, and I’m holding her bubbly First Place dog Sparkles. Second Place went to Mary Caraway and Margaritaville-bedecked Bailey, on my right. And coming in third (at far right) were Jan Savage with mermaid Sir Ruffles. Fun times for everyone!
A Sister City celebration

Our awesome Sister City partnership with Amakusa, Japan continued this summer as three Encinitas students visited Amakusa. They shared their experiences in this Encinitas Advocate story.
The Encinitas Library hosted the 9th annual Japan Festival, which featured kimono fashion, a tea ceremony, Taiko drummers, origami and lots of other highlights. I’m thrilled by this local opportunity to embrace a different culture and celebrate our 30-year relationship with this similarly sized, coastal Japanese city.
A visit to an Encinitas treasure

What a treat to be interviewed at the Leichtag Foundation in a casual, public format by Leichtag Foundation Executive Vice President Charlene Seidle (top photo) as part of Leichtag’s ongoing programming that invites community members onto their property to experience growing food, nurturing the land, and “inspiring vibrant Jewish life.” It’s such a pleasure to be welcomed so warmly by this forward-thinking foundation.
And finally, the semi-soft sell
Along with community events and policymaking, my campaign to be re-elected as your mayor is in full swing. All donations help and are needed! You can easily donate here or if you’d prefer to mail a check (maximum $250 per person), please make it out to “Blakespear for Encinitas Mayor 2018” and mail it to:
Blakespear for Encinitas Mayor 2018
P.O. Box 420996
San Diego, CA 92142
And if you’d like to help out as a volunteer or get a free yard sign, here’s that link!
Thank you for your support,

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