6/10/16: Tested & Proven Leadership

June 10, 2016

I’m running to be your next Mayor because Encinitas deserves a leader with a clear vision for our future, and the skills to get us there.
As former Deputy Mayor, current Encinitas City Council Member, a practicing attorney, fourth-generation Encinitas resident and parent of two school-age children, I have the right combination of background, experience and temperament to lead our city.
Protection of our Natural Environment: Our beautiful coastal treasures require ongoing, careful attention to be preserved. I will safeguard our beaches, lagoons, trails, tree canopy, and green belts. I will always support our communities built around local food and plants, such as the community garden, botanic garden and neighborhood agriculture.
Transportation Improvement: Ever-increasing traffic congestion is the biggest threat to our quality of life. Streets need to be designed for all users — smooth pavement for those in cars and on bikes, plus appropriate sidewalks, better bike lane striping and more walking paths. There’s great potential for us to make getting around Encinitas more efficient and pleasurable.
Preserving Neighborhood Character: Our high quality of life in Encinitas is directly tied to the quality of its neighborhoods, which are unique, small-scale, and varied. I appreciate the individual personalities of our neighborhoods, and will always work to ensure that any proposed changes fit into the character of their surroundings.
During the next five months before the November election, I’ll continue pursuing these priorities with leadership and consensus-building as a member of the Encinitas City Council. I’ll also be meeting with, and listening to, as many people in our community as possible.
Please contribute to my campaign for Mayor. Running a successful campaign, which includes yard signs, fliers, and newspaper advertisements, relies on supporters like you.
Together, we can keep Encinitas on the right track and moving toward an even more vibrant, ecologically-friendly, dynamic and prosperous future.
Please click here to contribute to Blakespear for Encinitas Mayor, or send a check (maximum of $250) payable to:
Blakespear for Mayor 2016
1345 Encinitas Blvd. #603
Encinitas, CA 92024
I am grateful to serve as your elected representative and eager to continue serving as your Mayor,


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