6/26/20: Why We Need Kellie Shay Hinze, and She Needs Us

June 26, 2020

First, thank you to everyone who has donated to support my campaign for re-election as your Encinitas Mayor. I feel so grateful for the support from so many of you!

Today, I’m writing to express my full-throated support for my City Council colleague Kellie Shay Hinze, who’s running for election in District 2 in Encinitas. The first fundraising deadline is in just four short days, so it’s important that she gets a good head start and shows the strength of her campaign. This district includes the middle section of our city’s coastline and includes our vibrant downtown Encinitas. 

Kellie was unanimously appointed to the Encinitas City Council when Tasha Boerner Horvath was elected to the State Assembly in 2018. During the appointment process, an outpouring of community support for her selection made the choice obvious.

And Kellie has lived up to every expectation. In my newsletter after we appointed her, I highlighted a quote from a public speaker who said, “Kellie turns residents into citizens,” which describes her deep engagement in promoting participation in the public process. 

Kellie is profound and thoughtful in her problem-solving approach. She’s caring and concerned for others. Her background as the former Executive Director of the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association gives her a connection to the business community and an understanding of the balance between commercial and residential interests. 

Kellie grew up in Encinitas, attended local public schools, including Paul Ecke Central Elementary, Pacific View, Diegueno and San Dieguito High School.  She’s bilingual, a graduate of U.C. Santa Cruz and U.C. Santa Barbara, with a master’s degree in both education, and global and international studies. She’s a dedicated community volunteer, and an all around wonderful person. 

Being a homegrown local, Kellie has always been concerned with the well being of all people in Encinitas, including those experiencing homelessness or who struggle to make ends meet. She’s dedicated to making our streets safer and easier for all to use and to forwarding environmental protections. It’s no surprise that she has carried those same passions to the Encinitas City Council. She’s also very excited to have been involved in the approval of the upcoming El Portal pedestrian undercrossing in Encinitas, recalling her frustrations walking to Paul Ecke Central as an elementary student.

It requires energy, commitment, and know-how to keep Encinitas on a steady course toward a future that balances preservation with revitalization, and with a concern for equality and inclusion. I have total confidence in Kellie – she’s the real deal, and a perfect part of our Encinitas team!

We need to keep her on the Encinitas City Council, and she needs us to support her.

You can learn more about Kellie and her values at her website here. I ask you to consider contributing to her campaign before the June 30 fundraising deadline. 

Click here to make a contribution to her campaign!

COVID-19 update

Clicking on the graphs above will take you a page that allows you to dynamically look at COVID-19 statistics in states throughout the country, as well as the rest of the world.

Recent events make it clear that the coronavirus pandemic is not close to being over, even though many of us are acting as if it is. The country is averaging more new cases each day than ever before – today the number of new daily cases in the U.S. is closing in on a record 40,000. The governors of Texas and Florida have ordered bars to close again and imposed other new restrictions.

As of Wednesday, 99 COVID-19 cases had been reported in Encinitas. By Saturday, that number had risen to 111. More info is here.

Coronavirus is the enemy of us all, but for some, common sense social distancing and wearing a mask are resisted.  

Frankly, if this trend continues, there’s no way to predict what awaits us. Re-opening is necessary, but we mustn’t mindlessly revert to our pre-pandemic behavior patterns. This is a good time for each of us to reassess our situation and resolve to be mindful as we go about our lives in the days ahead.

Please stay committed to protecting yourself and others whenever you are in a public place!

Wishing you good health,

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