11/7/18: Encinitas Election Results Here!

November 7, 2018

What an exciting night watching the results roll in around the country! Several developments thrill me. I’ll focus on the local ones below.

Fellow candidates, friends and supporters gathered at Priority Public House in Leucadia last night to celebrate. Thank you, Encinitas voters! These are the unofficial final results, which look very positive!
I’m so gratified to have been re-elected for a second two-year term as your Encinitas Mayor!

The community’s voice of support came through loud and clear. I’d like to recognize my opponent, J.P. Elliott, for his generally civil tone throughout the mayor’s race, which I appreciate very much.
Here’s a quick rundown on the results of the electoral items that I’ve advocated in this newsletter.
U.S. House of Representatives: Mike Levin has won! What a great day for the 49th congressional district. I have no doubt that Mike will protect our beaches, air and environment and make life better for all of America.
76th Assembly District: Our Encinitas City Council colleague Tasha Boerner Horvath (fourth from left in the top row in the photo above) won a seat in the state Assembly! I’m thrilled for her and for us! The close relationship Encinitas will be able to have with our Assembly member can only benefit the city. I also wish my best to Tasha’s opponent Liz Warren, whom I personally like very much, and hope she considers running for another office locally.
Encinitas City Council: Both Joe Mosca (District 4, which includes Olivenhain) and Jody Hubbard (District 3, which includes Cardiff) have won! (In the photo above, Joe is second from left in the top row, and Jody is third from left in the bottom row.)
With all of the votes unofficially tabulated, Jody Hubbard got 53% to Mark Muir’s 47% and Joe Mosca received 51% to Tony Brandenburg’s 49%.
Measure U: Unfortunately, Measure U did not pass. The unofficial final count shows 9,571 no votes to 8,519 yes votes. Our last housing plan – Measure T in 2016 — failed with 18,000 no votes to 14,000 yes votes. So this one was closer, but we still did not get over the finish line.
Our next court hearing in our housing lawsuits is November 13, where we’ll see what the judge has to say to the city.
Prop. 6: I’m happy to say that voters appear to have rejected this attempt to remove an existing funding source for our roads. I was very concerned about the future of road improvements in our county without this funding. I’m grateful the voters support road improvements.
Superior Court Judge: Matt Brower was able to pull off the nearly impossible – unseating a sitting judge. He did it and beat Judge Gary Kreep, who was censored for inappropriate actions and conduct. Matt Brower is won 59% to 41%.
San Dieguito High School District: Unfortunately Amy Flicker (second from left in the bottom row in the photo above) and Rhea Stewart did not win, despite excellent credentials and spirited campaigns. They’ll both continue to be proactive and positive community members.
People Power!

Before the sun sets on the euphoria of exciting results, I want to thank my team of volunteers. Their efforts gave me the freedom to simply be the candidate.
My campaign manager Scott Chatfield (above, at right) deserves particular recognition. Whenever you see a picture of me from a campaign event or a forum with no attribution in this newsletter (such as the election party photo above), the photographer is usually Scott. Plus, he manages all the technical aspects of my campaign, which include creating and updating the website, writing and running Facebook ads, editing the copy that I’ve written for this newsletter (you rarely find a typo, right?!) and being an overall sounding board and close friend.
I couldn’t communicate with constituents like you with nearly the frequency, professionalism or comprehensiveness without Scott, an Encinitas resident since he was three years old. Working together with him is a tremendously satisfying part of my campaigns.
The other stalwart of my campaign is Kris Powell (at left in the photo above), a can-do-everything-and-anything gal. She executes all details of party and event planning, manages the logistics of other volunteers doing sign delivery, gets supplies, sends invitations, communicates to volunteers about events that need help, sets up my materials and cleans up at the end. She’s invaluable and I’m so grateful she appeared in my life.
A larger group of community members provided an incredible amount of on-the-ground legwork, including Ron Dodge, Niels Lund, and Paul and Susan Hays. Others opened their homes to host meet-and-greets for me and other local candidates. And so many of you donated your hard-earned money to support our shared vision. I’m so grateful for the diffuse types of contributions. Together, we create magic!
In closing, I want to thank everyone who raised their hand and ran for their participation in this messy, and sometimes unpleasant public marketplace of ideas and personalities. Running can be alternately exhilarating and depleting. But in the end, we’re a better society when people with good ideas stand up and run for office. So here’s to all the candidates!
I’ll be taking this Sunday off from the newsletter but will be back at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, November 18, with updates from next week’s City Council meeting.
Let’s all enjoy some well-deserved political downtime, then we’ll be back to the work of policymaking, problem solving, and creating a better future for Encinitas!
In service,

Good on ya if you recycle your Catherine sign

P.S. GOODONYA Organic Eatery owner Kris Buchanan (at right, above) invites you to recycle your Catherine yard sign there. You could end up winning an organic dinner for two with me (or without me, your choice)!
GOODONYA is located at 1051 S Coast Hwy 101 in Encinitas. They’ll accept your used Catherine for Mayor yard signs now through Tuesday 11/13, where you can also sign up for a free dinner (one entry per person, please).
We’ll be picking up the signs from them and saving them for future mayoral campaigns. Please don’t drop off other candidates’ signs. You can recycle those in your blue EDCO recycle containers.

Sorry, you are not in the 38th Senate District.
You are in the 38th Senate district!