11/3/20: Whatever Happens, We’ll Still Be Neighbors After the Election!

November 3, 2020

Today, Election Day, is undoubtedly HUGE!

If you are one of the 14,000-plus Encinitas residents who haven’t voted yet, please make sure you have a plan to do it today. You want your voice to count. 

But let’s keep this in mind – it’s equally important to remember that after tomorrow we’ll still be neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members. In short, we’ll be one community. No matter who’s elected tomorrow in any given race, we need to cherish our shared bonds of community.

Your vote is absolutely critical, but the ability to move forward with the results, work with all people, hear all voices and find the harmony amidst the cacophony, is the true art of building our community.

Let’s all recommit to model this together – walking arm-in-arm as we confront the challenges and opportunities that await us. You can count me in!

Signs of the times

Tami Joplin’s Re-Elect Mayor Blakespear sign was stolen overnight. Before we had a chance to deliver a replacement, she took matters into her own hands. That’s the spirit, Tami! We love your enthusiasm and resourcefulness!

Enthusiastic sign waving early this morning in Encinitas.

Following the results tonight

Now let’s get down to some nitty gritty logistical questions!

When will we begin getting San Diego County election results?

The first results in Encinitas and throughout the county are expected tonight between 8:05 and 8:15 p.m. They’ll include mail ballots and ballots cast at polling locations over the weekend. A second wave of results is anticipated between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m., and a third update between 11 and 11:30 p.m. Results will then be updated every 30 minutes until all polling places have reported. Updates on close races will be posted each business day after 5 p.m. 

The best way to track local election results is at this link. At the top right where it says “filter races,” you can decide which local races you want to see by checking the boxes, and you’ll only see your preferences for the rest of the night. Nifty, huh? 

How complete will the national election results be tonight?

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

“Even once the early and in-person ballots are counted, a significant number of votes could still be outstanding. Only eight states expect to have at least 98% of unofficial results reported by noon the day after the election. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia allow postmarked ballots to arrive after Election Day, so the timing will depend on when voters return them.

“New York and Alaska will not report any mail votes on election night. (Rhode Island had also planned not to report mail votes that night, but its election board voted Monday to begin releasing them at 11 p.m.) Officials in Michigan and Pennsylvania, two key presidential battleground states, have said full official counts could take several days.

“As many political and election experts have pointed out, not having a definitive winner declared on election night is not an indication that there is a problem or something nefarious is at work. It may simply be that the race is close and/or it is taking longer to process and tally the votes.” 

Election Day thoughts

Today, I’m inspired by all the passion, commitment and hard work of so many people. During this highly unusual time, so many people have truly taken to heart the adage that “democracy is not a spectator sport.” 

There are two simple words that sum up everything I feel today: 

“Thank you.”

As we move forward into the next stage, whatever that may hold, let’s make sure we feel and express our gratitude; and deeply appreciate the recognition of our shared bonds.

My best to you, your family and friends on this momentous day.

In service,

P.S. I’m going to gladly and proudly let Hamilton‘s Leslie Odom, Jr. have the final word here: “It’s gonna take awhile to get all our votes counted. I’m willing to wait for it…”

Sorry, you are not in the 38th Senate District.
You are in the 38th Senate district!