11/1/20: We Ride (Bikes) at Noon!

November 1, 2020

Only three days to go until election day!
Capitalizing on the momentum, there’s a festive and supportive bike ride today (Sunday) leaving at noon, from Roberto’s at 1900 N Coast Hwy 101 in Leucadia through Encinitas on Highway 101 south to the Roberto’s at 445 N Hwy 101 in Solana Beach.

We ride at noon! Join us! And decorate your bike or yourself with supportive garb or signs! 

When we’re 64. Percent, that is…

Hey, check out this graph above. In Encinitas, an astounding 64% of people have already voted! The stats on who has voted are interesting. 

If you have returned your ballot, please check in with your friends and families to make sure they’ve voted. You can vote in person at the location printed on your ballot, or drop off your mail ballot at any polling location. You can still mail it in, but to be counted on election night it’s recommended that you drop it off at an official polling location. More information can be found here: www.sdvote.com

Free virtual Dia de Los Muertos event at 1p.m.!

Today is Dia de Los Muertos. The City of Encinitas and Encinitas Friends of the Arts has put together a free, fun virtual event that you can watch here at 1 p.m.

I had the chance to watch the dancers as part of the filming of this event and the colors, music and sheer talent are impressive!

My opponent’s fear and lies are getting old

There she goes again – trying to frighten and mislead you to get elected. If she wins, then what happens? If this scenario sounds familiar… it is.

My opponent is hiding the reality of state laws and years of lawsuits that resulted in a judge’s court order. Encinitas is required by state law to plan for some additional housing. We’ve approved only a modest amount, and only what’s legally required.

In the real world, it’s impossible that she could stop all new housing, as she desperately wants you to believe. In addition, those gigantic blotches in her frightening map above are inflammatory and untrue.

My commitment to protecting our community from over-development is unquestioned after six years in elected office here. I trust Encinitas voters won’t believe her outright lies.

As I’ve said before, it’s laughably bogus for her campaign to be financially supported by development interests, for her to personally profit from development interests with her own family’s business, and then to point fingers at me as the one supposedly beholden to developers.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful, and encouraged by the high level of enthusiasm on the streets. I’m committed to doing the work on your behalf that will be needed to bring our community together during another term as your mayor. I hope that my approach, commitment to our community’s values and demonstrated track record of success have earned your support for re-election. 

In dedicated service,

Sorry, you are not in the 38th Senate District.
You are in the 38th Senate district!