10/9/20: Five Fine Forums You Can Watch Now

October 9, 2020

Now that we have several Encinitas mayoral candidate forums under our belts, there’s one for almost every taste. One thing they all have in common is that they underscore the distinct differences between my opponent and me – in experience, judgment, truthfulness, and overall philosophy.

This article from the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Encinitas Advocate nicely summarizes the differences, if you would like to read about it.

I thought I’d also provide convenient links to recordings of each one, so you can view them in their entirety and make up your own mind about who will deliver a better future for our beloved Encinitas.

The forum that I think gives the best overview so far is the Voice of San Diego‘s October 2 Politifest, moderated by Caitlin Steinberg of the Coast News.

In close second is probably the forum hosted by the Olivenhain Town Council last Wednesday. It focused on many issues that concern those residents, and I welcomed the opportunity to go into detail on fire safety, preserving community character, and more, while debunking some rumors. It was a lively, well-presented event.

The League of Women Voters forums from September 30 and October 6 also offer a window into each candidate’s positions. They’re fairly strictly formatted, with shorter times to answer and no opportunity for rebuttal, but still a decent representation.

By the way, the LWV’s candidate events are the gold standard of the old-school forums that have been informing voters for years, and I’m grateful that they exist. Without their impartiality and dependability, we would have had far less insight into our candidates.

Last night, October 8, the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce held a marathon event featuring all four city council candidates, in addition to my opponent and me. A video of the mayoral portion is here.

Anybody feel like binge-watching ’em all?

But wait! There’s more! Here are three more upcoming virtual Encinitas mayoral forums and candidate events:

Join us tomorrow morning for our contact-free door drop!

Every Saturday and Tuesday though October 31, we’re gathering to distribute door hangers for the three candidates shown above, plus Supervisor candidate Terra Lawson-Remer. It only takes a couple of hours and it’s actually a lot of fun! 

Please consider signing up for a shift or two. Or three! We hope see you there.

Time’s running out to contribute

You may have noticed that this is an uncomfortably tense and toxic campaign. It’s a challenge to remain positive while calling out all the negativity and lies my opponent is spreading. If enough people fall for it, she’ll dismantle the important environmental, social and infrastructure improvements we’ve created together.

We need to continue getting the word out, via your donations to our campaign and talking to your friends and neighbors about what’s at stake.

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Please support my campaign with a contribution of up to $250 ($500 per couple) to continue the progress we’ve built over the last four years.

I hope you and your family are doing well. We all have to deal with so much these days, and I want you to know that your support in the midst of this pandemic is even more appreciated!

One final note – I know many of you read this email because you’re interested in city updates. If I win re-election in just over three weeks, I’ll be relieved to get back to providing you with useful insight into what’s happening, and my perspective on various issues.

But first, we have an election to win… and I thank you for any help you can offer!

In service,

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