10/4/20: Comparing the Candidates: PRO vs. NO

October 4, 2020

Encinitas incorporated as a city 34 years ago this month. In honor of that milestone, which united five distinct communities into our beloved City of Encinitas, my campaign is putting out a call for 34 supporters to contribute today to my re-election as your mayor.

We’ve successfully controlled our growth and managed our city for over three decades. I’m the 18th mayor of the City of Encinitas and work every day to help Encinitas navigate the competing pressures and accomplish community improvements. (Fun fact: 11 of our 18 mayors have been women!)

Please help us reach 34 donations of any amount today to keep our city on the positive, forward-looking track! I’d appreciate it if you’d click the blue button below to contribute.

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Let’s look at how the two candidates stand on issues that affect Encinitas:

Comparing the candidates: PRO vs. NO

Prop. A and Housing

Protecting your right to vote while also complying with state housing laws. Supports an inclusive and diverse community. Advocates for granny flats to diversify housing options.

Thunder would lead us into expensive lawsuits, fines, and regulatory problems. No plan for state compliance. Falsely accuses city of suing residents, when our lawsuit is with the state. Vague promises about “working with other cities.” 

Our Environment

Helped create our “gold-standard” climate action plan. Recognized as a regional environmental leader. Supports increased biking and walking, a new park, reducing plastic waste, planting trees, and many green initiatives.

Actively opposes biking and walking projects. Falsely claims city is in violation of water management requirements. Fails to address climate change as a threat.

Tackling Homelessness

Committed to preventing homelessness and helping those who need it. Actively working with regional partners and other cities. Identifies homelessness as a top concern.

Lots of complaining, but no actual ideas on how to reduce homelessness. Opposed to the 25-spot parking lot that provides a safe place to stay and a self-betterment program for neighbors experiencing homelessness.

City Finances

Committed to maintaining Encinitas as a fiscally sound city. Always monitoring the city’s bottom line. Supports pre-paying pension debt.

Doesn’t address fiscal solvency. No stated position. Criticizes infrastructure projects for their cost and then suggests impractical, costlier alternatives.

Public Safety

Supports and invests in fire fighters, lifeguards and the sheriff’s department to keep Encinitas among the safest cities in the county. Crime down 32% since becoming mayor in 2016. Endorsed by Encinitas Firefighter’s Association.

Vague and unclear promises. False, fear-mongering accusations about rising crime and “unsafe” city facilities.

Social Justice

Supports a diverse and inclusive city. Recognizes housing policy, transportation networks and climate change as social justice issues.

States that “diverse and inclusive” are empty words. No stated social justice goals. 


Believes in working with residents to proactively solve problems and enhance Encinitas. Jumps in and gets results, with substantial meaningful improvements delivered. Advocated and facilitated our Coastal Rail Trail.

The candidate of “no.” Opposes many major city improvements, but rarely offers real alternatives. Founded “No Rail Trail” to fight against the creation of the popular Coastal Rail Trail. Believes in waiting for other cities to act first when problems arise.

Relevant Experience

Practicing attorney, former news reporter. Four years as Encinitas mayor, two years on Encinitas City Council, and over three years as a member of the city’s Traffic & Safety Commission. 

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Secondary teaching credential. Founder of “No Rail Trail” group.

Our playgrounds have reopened!

A city employee removes the chains that have secured the playground gates at Orpheus Park in Leucadia last week.

Good news for kids, parents and all playful people! After several months being locked up, the state’s playground prohibition was ended by the governor this week, and we were able to reopen our city playgrounds to the public. Social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer or hand washing are still important in keeping us all safe, especially our children. Instructions are posted at each playground site.

If you’re curious about several recent updates from our City Council meeting this Coast News story gives you the highlights, including a coming northern extension of the Coastal Rail Trail.

Make a date with the candidates

The Voice of San Diego‘s online Politifest held an Encinitas mayoral candidate forum last Friday night. I appreciated moderator Caitlin Steinberg of the Coast News‘ allowing for longer form answers, giving both candidates a chance to explain their positions in greater detail. It’s worth watching at this link to see the differences between the two candidates for mayor!

Here are some of the upcoming virtual Encinitas mayoral forums and candidate events:

Finally, we know that voting is the way we resolve our differences in a democracy. Recent events have made it clear that there are efforts to confuse us, causing us to doubt the truth, and ultimately to discourage our participation in this precious experiment we call the United States.

Our country needs you now, more than it ever has in our lifetimes. Regardless of how you vote, please vote!

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

In service,

P.S. It’s door hanger season – please help us out!

Our friend and District 3 Supervisor candidate Terra Lawson-Remer joined us to thank volunteers for their work on contactless door hanging last week. We’re a couple of hands-on candidates! (Blatant plug: please vote for her!)

For weeks now, we’ve been teaming up to deliver door hangers to Encinitas homes for County Supervisor candidate Terra Lawson-RemermeCouncilmember Tony Kranz, and Deputy Mayor Kellie Hinze.

Our touchless door drops of campaign literature for voters are happening on Tuesdays and Saturdays through October 31. We could really use your help with these!

If you could volunteer, we’d be very grateful, Please choose a shift or two and sign up here!

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