10/31/20: Celebrating the Spirit of Encinitas

October 31, 2020

My day today has been spent out and about in public with our supporters, sign-waving and door-hanger distributing. It’s been super engaging and inspiring!

It’s one thing to be your mayor and campaign for re-election during a pandemic, via these newsletters, social media, mailers and Zoom events. But actually getting outdoors and hearing the cheers and horn-honking enthusiasm is something that can’t be replaced. I feel even more energized than usual.

Halloween’s supposed to be a fun-scary day, but there’s no doubt that this year it’s become more scary-scary. We’re experiencing the deadliest pandemic in a century, a toxic local and national campaign season, goblins and trolls haunting the internet, and a sense that compassion, critical thinking, and civility are no longer valued.

But the adage “think globally, act locally” applies here. And despite the chaos of the moment, I believe in my heart that the goodness of the people of Encinitas is alive and well. The innate integrity, kindness, energy and optimism that I experience every day from folks in Encinitas bodes well for the future of our country and the world.

Hallowe’en transitions into the tradition of Dia de los Muertos, which traces its roots back to the Aztecs, as well as All Souls Day, a Roman Catholic tradition – a time for remembering and honoring our ancestors.

It feels fitting that this crucial Election Day falls so close to these holidays: a reminder that we can honor our past while never losing sight of our collective power to create a better future.

During my run this morning I couldn’t help but notice that the Cardiff Kook had picked up a new Halloween surfing buddy!

A relaxed and revealing Final Forum

Part of that powerful, friendly Encinitas spirit was evident in last night’s Final Forum with Deputy Mayor Kellie Hinze, Councilmember Tony Kranz and me. Since it was the last of many virtual forums, it was a more relaxing (and revealing) occasion.

Among other things, I talked about what I’d learned as the pandemic descended upon us, Kellie explained how she’s adapted and grown during her time in the public spotlight, and Tony gave us a great rundown on the costs, history and possible future of trenching our railroad tracks in Encinitas.

Another reason the Final Forum is worth watching is to see some interesting and sometimes weird photos of possible track-trenching solutions from a 2006 study, back when the cost estimate was a mere $180 million! That section starts at 39:39.

The forum video concludes with a rendition of Diana Monzeglio’s beloved local classic “Leucadia,” performed by Peter Sprague, Sylvia Lindsay Lange and Mack Leighton – musicians and music that truly embody the spirit of Encinitas.

When is a blue moon not blue?

(Your moon’s color may vary.)

Tonight’s Halloween blue moon won’t actually be blue, but it’ll still be full and pretty cool. The definition of a “blue moon” varies, but it tends to describe the second full moon in a month or the fourth full moon of a season.

According to Space.com, “this is a truly special confluence of spookiness; a Halloween full moon visible for most time zones on Earth hasn’t happened since 1944, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. It won’t happen again until 2039.”

More blue moon info can be found here.

Stay safe this Halloween!

The County of San Diego has issued some guidelines about how to vary our traditional spooky routines so we can all survive this Halloween and still have fun (kinda). You’ll find them here.

Our Halloween gift is a much-needed extra hour of sleep tonight – don’t forget to set your clocks back!

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