10/30/20: Join Our Final Candidate Forum Tonight!

October 30, 2020

I’d like to personally invite you to participate in our virtual Final Forum this evening at 5:30 p.m.! Incumbent candidates Deputy Mayor Kellie Hinze, Councilmember Tony Kranz and I will answer your questions and reflect on issues that affect all Encinitas residents during these crucial final days of the campaign.

Click the invitation above or here to make your reservation and submit a question, if you like. We hope to see you there!

(By the way, 56% of Encinitas voters had turned in their ballots as of yesterday!)

What is that Sheriff’s helicopter saying?

I imagine many have experienced a Sheriff’s helicopter circling overhead, broadcasting presumably urgent but often unintelligible information over its public address system. It can be frustrating because you know something important and possibly dangerous is going on, but you can only pick up parts of the message.

If you’re like me, you’ve stood there as it circles many times, hoping to catch more of the announcement on the next pass.

Now there’s a way to find out exactly what they’re trying to tell us. You can get the Sheriff’s helicopter message sent straight to your phone by calling or texting (858) 866-HELO (4356).

This isn’t a push service, though. You have to text “Hello” to that number each time you want to know what it is saying. Also, it only works in areas the department patrols, which is all of Encinitas.

I recommend putting “Sheriff’s Helicopter” in your phone contacts, along with the (858) 866-4356 phone number, so you can quickly get that info via text next time you need it. 

A 46-second video with more information is here.

Let’s hear it for our sign-wavin’, door hangin’ heroes!

Our campaign is finishing strong with sign-waving on key streets nearly every day. If you’d like to wave signs with us, please click here to send an email to our volunteer coordinator Kris Powell.

Join us to deliver door hangers tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10 a.m. We’re distributing packets to volunteers on the sidewalk near the Encinitas library. Saturday will be the very last day you can help us distribute these door hangers – please join us! You can sign up here.

Our volunteer door drop effort has so far resulted in 12,000 households receiving voter information about Terra Lawson-Remer (supervisor candidate), Kellie Hinze (City Council candidate), Tony Kranz (City Council candidate) and me.

Two of our stalwart volunteers making this happen are Ed McFadd and Steve Bartram, who never tired of the organizing, sorting and corresponding. I’m so grateful to them and every volunteer who has hit the streets in the hot sun to communicate with voters about our campaigns. The campaign teams from all the above candidates were also invaluable. 

Yesterday, Ed hand-delivered to me a letter and miniature Liberty Bell. In the letter, written as a thank you to the dozens of volunteers that was signed by him and Steve, he wrote: 

“We toll the bell of liberty with our feet, not a clapper. We announce the candidates who will not only preserve our progress but move it forward. … [W]e share the commitment of our minds and bodies to the values of inclusion, participation, truth, progress, and respect for government which builds not only the structure but the heart of democracy.

“A few days after the July 4, 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell was rung in Philadelphia to proclaim our freedom from England. Later it was rung to call citizens to vote. That there were limitations and exclusions is a deplorable fact. That there has been progress, though far from complete, is a ringing sound of hope. Our work connects that bell, that sound from then until today. The next time you hear a bell, whether it be from a bell tower, church, school, bicycle, door or kitchen be reminded that you in this election have carried the sound of liberty from home to home.”

Without the dozens of passionate, enthusiastic and patriotic volunteers, we would not have an effective formidable campaign. My gratitude for each of you knows no bounds.

Also, thank you again for your interest and all you do to make Encinitas the paradise we so enjoy! I hope you and you family have a safe Halloween.

In service,

P.S. Every dollar matters. If you can contribute any amount of money (up to $250 per person) to carry us on to victory, please hit that big ol’ button below! 

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