10/10/20: Don’t Fall for the Lies!

October 10, 2020

“An ethical candidate should not want to win because the public believes mistruths or is motivated by hate to support them over their opponent. An ethical candidate wants to win on the basis of their ideas, their record, and their character.”

– Dr. Casey Dominguez, USD professor of Political Science and International Relations, from today’s article in the Coast News 

Our opposition is unleashing an avalanche of negativity, lies and gross oversimplifications to elect their candidate. Do you want an Encinitas mayor who had to resort to lies and fear tactics to get your vote?

To read the Coast News article click on the graphic above or here.

Let me state here again that I wholeheartedly agree with the Coast News Clean Campaign Pledge, which reads, in part, “I will not issue any statement or communication discussing my opponent’s family, children, race, national origin, religion or sex. I will not lie. I will focus on the issues and will not issue any statements or materials that misrepresent, distort or otherwise falsify the facts.”

Can we get back to the actual issues that Encinitans care about? There’s a clear choice to be made in this election, and our future hangs in the balance.

My opponent would dismantle the important environmental, social and economic policies weʼve worked hard to create together. 

Help us continue on the positive path weʼve built over the last four years! Now more than ever, Encinitas needs strong, compassionate, and honest leadership.

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Please support my campaign with a contribution of up to $250 ($500 per couple) to continue the progress we’ve built over the last four years. If you’ve already donated thank you so very much!

Your support will carry us to victory!

In service,

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